It is easy to sell with PointePay. With PointePay, you can start using it to accept payments immediately. It is fast, friendly and offers digital receipts.

Inventory Management is a breeze. You can add one product or 1000 products and conveniently and easily manage it all.

Pricing for PointePay is very affordable and you pay a small licensing fee as you go monthly, rather than pay a huge amount upfront.

With PointePay, you are able to accept multiple types of payments. It makes it convenient for your customers and keeps them happy because they get to pay how they want to pay.

With the PointePay loyalty programs, the experience is very memorable for your customers and keeps them coming back with targeted promotions.

Automated and manual fraud monitoring is employed on PointePay to protect your business from internal and external fraud. We have also partnered with secure payment providers to ensure that there are no exposures to your business. Our devices are EMV and PCI-DSS certified.

PointePay Reporting shows you what product makes you money and what does not. Across all stores and lanes within a store, you get insights to help you make smarter and profitable decisions. This naturally helps you grow your business.

PointePay is mobile and you can always check in on your store/stores when you are there and when you are not.

Settlement is a breeze. You can see detailed settlement reports for easy reconciliation

You are able to manage every employee to the granular level. You can control access to the platform by user based upon user permissions. With this feature, you can track performance by user.

Our Customer Care staff are available to support you every day and will resolve issues as quickly as possible.