1. What is PointePay Retail?

PointePay is a mobile application that helps you as a business owner manage all aspect of your business from inventory, receiving payment through multiple channels (Cash, Card, Masterpass, Flutterwave and External POS) to knowing your customers and rewarding them. It helps you see live sales, best-selling products with just one click on your android mobile phone even when you are in transit. It is simply a business made easy application.

3. How do I download PointePay App on my Mobile Phone?

First you must own an android phone:

  • On your android device: Go to the play store
  • Type in PointePay in the search box.
  • Select PointePay POS and install the app
  • Select a Language e.g. Benin, English and Pidgin
  • Sign up by inputting your personal details
  • *Note: Phone number should exclude the first Zero digits i.e. 8030838474
  • Verify your account by inputting the four digit pin code sent to you
  • Select a package plan
  • Pick a payment option and pay
5. Can I sell Offline on PointePay?

You can continue to use PointePay even when there is no internet network. Guess what? Cash and MasterPass payments will work on PointePay even when there is no internet network at your store!

Sync data when internet is back and you are good to go.

7. What does it mean to sync a data?

It means downloading and uploading data from the cloud.

9. What platform can I get PointePay from?
You can get PointePay from either mycommercepointe.com/Pointepay.com or Google Play store:
  1. Go to www.mycommercepointe.com and click on Sign up to register
  2. Complete the Form
  3. Verify your phone number with the code that was sent to your phone
  4. Select a Platform
  5. Choose your product (either Pointemart or PointePay or both)
  6. Select a Plan subscription
  7. Choose your subscription period
  8. Select a payment type, then proceed to payment
  9. Choose online payment or pay via sales rep to complete the registration.
  1. On your android device: Go to the play store
  2. Type in PointePay in the search box.
  3. Select PointePay POS and install the app
  4. Select a Language e.g. English, Igbo, Yoruba
  5. Sign up by inputting your personal details
  6. *Note: Phone number should exclude the first Zero digits i.e. 8030838474
  7. Verify your account by inputting the four digit pin code sent to you
  8. Select a package plan
  9. Pick a payment option and pay
11. Does PointePay work offline?

PointePay is cloud based but works brilliantly offline! So when the internet goes. You still go!

13. Do I need Internet to use the App?

Yes - for some of the operation you do need internet (e.g. login, card transactions). All the rest - do not require it.

15. Do I have to pay to download PointePay on my phone?

The installation is done and sign up, too - for free. But in order to view/use the menu options of the app - then comes the subscription plan choice and payment..

17. Can I retrieve lost information on PointePay?

Yes you can! All information is cloud-based, safe and secured. All you need to do is download the app again, and sign in with your usernames and password and re-sync. You are good to go. No need to fear loss of device. We have you covered.

19. How can I verify a PointePay Representative/How do I get support on PointePay?

Kindly contact us @ 242A Alhaji Ganiyu Alimi Crescent, Gbagada Phase 2, and Lagos, Nigeria.

Call us on: 0907-252-7928, 0902-130-9729

Email: pointepay@spacepointe.com

21. What mobile device can PointePay work with?

PointePay works on Android devices with version 4.4+ and above

23.  How can I sell on PointePay?

To sell on PointePay, Choose purchase from the menu list, this takes you through the following process of selling:

  1. Select a product from the list manually or scan the product UPC
  2. Select a customer from the list(optional)
  3. Proceed to check out and select methods of payment(either cash, card, External POS, Flutterwave,MasterPass)
  4. Click done
25.  What are the payment method on PointePay?

Below are the payment method:

  • Cash: An agent is required to receive cash,
  • Card: select the card option, and allow the customer make payment using the PointePay card reader.
  • External POS: As customer uses your External POS, input the transaction reference number found on the POS receipt into the field on PointePay.
  • Flutterwave: Customers can pay with Flutterwave by inputting all the required debit card details on the cards.
  • Masterpass: Customer SCANS and PAY through the QR code, Retailer confirm the payment has been made to his or her account, retailer delivers items purchased to customers and sends receipts to phone number and email address.
  • After a successful payment, you can print your customer’s receipt or send receipt via email to your customer’s phone number
2. What are the plans of PointePay?
  • Cashout: This is for Instant Pay
  • PointePay Lite: This is a one man business/shop with no employee. This customer has no Employee Management and cannot sell on PointeMart.
  • PointePay Deluxe: This is for retailer that can manage multiple employee with multiple customers but do not sell on PointeMart.
4. How much does PointePay cost?

Cashout = N5,000/Yearly

PointePay Lite = N2,500/Monthly

PointePay Deluxe =N5,000/Monthly

6.What are the benefits of PointePay?
  • Easy Purchase: Customers can buy your products using PointePay no matter where you are.
  • Available in Multiple Language: It is available in multiple languages, you can listen to PointePay audio in English, Yoruba and Igbo.
  • Multiple Payment Option: It has multiple options like paying Cash, with Card, Masterpass, Flutterwave and External POS.
  • Cloud-Based: It is cloud-based, you can sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe and up to date.
  • Maximize Customers Satisfaction: PointePay enables you to offer a variety of rewards to your customers. Yes we support loyalty programs too
8. How safe is my data?

PointePay is cloud-based; this means the information is saved automatically on our database

10. What if my phone is stolen?
  • After retrieving your sim card, download Pointepay on your new mobile phone.
  • Sign in
  • Change your password and you can access all your synced data.
12. What are the bank charges?

A. bank charges for the following payment option are:

  • Cash: No charges
  • With Card Reader: 0.75%
  • Without Card Reader: 1% (Capped at ₦2000) plus ₦50
14. What If I have thousands of products?
  • You can provide details in an excel sheet document for bulk upload
  • Our support team will upload all your products at a cost of the following product ranges:
  • 1-300 products = N20 per product
  • 300 products and above = N15 per product
16. What happens if I don’t have data for a long time?

Information stored will be synchronized once there is internet service.

18.  What happens when my app stops working?

Contact our customer care support on: 0907-252-7928, 0902-130-9729

Email: pointepay@spacepointe.com

20.  What if my customers are not comfortable using their cards for payment?

They can use the cash option

22.  How long does it take for me to get my money into my account if my customers uses Flutterwave or Card Reader?

You will receive your money in the next 24-48 hours, i.e. transaction day plus one day.

24.  How to pay for subscriptions?

Once the subscription is due for payment, there would be a reminder with a link to follow and proceed on it. To secure interruption in services, subscriptions can be renewed at any time in one of the following ways:

  1. On Your device go to menu My Store / Subscription Details
  2. Choose the desired subscription plan
  3. Choose the type of payment
    • If paying Cash: select cash option. It will alert the SpacePointe team and a sales rep will come by to pick up the cash
    • If paying with Flutterwave card: select the Flutterwave icon and enter the card details to pay
    • If paying with Wallet: select the Wallet icon and complete the payment. Note – this option can be used if there is enough balance in the wallet prior to payment.
26.  How do I upgrade my plan on PointePay?
  • Select plan upgrade from the menu
  • Pay the required fee and get upgraded